President Obama and Mitt Romney Bare Down on Each Other for General Election

It has been decided by those who understand the odds and knows what it will take to get the number of delegates to win the Republican nomination, that the more-than presumptive Republican candidate is former Massachusetts governor Mitt Romney. The rest of the candidates are just so much fodder and might as well hang up their campaign hats.

President Obama and Mitt Romney are starting to center their attacks on each other as they focus their attention on the general election coming up in November. Romney endorsed the Paul Ryan Budget recently and Ryan joined him on the campaign trail in Wisconsin and endorsed his campaign. Romney said of the budget, “I applaud it; It’s an excellent piece of work, and very much needed.”

Romney went on to comment about President Obama’s health care bill; the Affordable Care Act, saying “ObamaCare is a lot of things…it’s trillions in new spending that we can’t afford.  It raises taxes.  It cuts Medicare by $500 million.  The American people are overwhelmingly opposed to it, and I’ll get rid of it.”

President Obama, speaking at an Associated Press luncheon remarked about the Paul Ryan Budget saying that it was “thinly veiled social Darwinism.”

The president went on to refer the budget plan that Mitt Romney praised as “so far to the right, it makes the Contract with America look like the New Deal.” In that same speech Obama particularly mentioned Mitt Romney by name, commenting on his praise of the Ryan bill “He said that he’s “very supportive” of this new budget, and he even called it ‘marvelous,’” said the president.  ”Which is a word you don’t often hear when it comes to describing a budget. It’s a word you don’t often hear generally,” Obama went on to say.

I believe the two men are drawing the battle lines and ObamaCare and the Paul Ryan Budget are going to be two big issues between the two. ObamaCare is highly unpopular with most Americans right now but the president sees an opportunity here to make clear to the country what the Ryan plan is all about and compare it with ObamaCare. Ryan’s plan cuts taxes for the wealthiest Americans while putting Medicare on a voucher system for seniors.

Thanks to a very bruising nomination battle for Mitt Romney and for his commitment to a “severely” conservative stance on almost every issue so to please the very conservative base of the Republican Party, President Obama will have plenty of ammunition for the presidential debates. One of those will be RomneyCare which was the former governor’s own signature state health care bill that ObamaCare is fashioned after.

Mitt Romney will have a difficult time switching the extreme positions he took on the campaign trail for the Republican nomination as Obama will be quick to remind voters of any flip-flopping. Mitt Romney has been highly criticized in the past for his changing positions according to the office he’s running for. Because of the high media attention given to him as the front-runner for the Republican nomination, all of his recent stated positions are well documented and videotaped.

A recent CNN poll also shows Obama’s approval rating with a two-digit lead over Romney’s at 54 to 43 percent. Much of that is over Romney’s loss of support among women, thanks to his recent comments concerning Planned Parenthood and how he would get rid of it if he became president.

As far as I’m concerned, I’m ready for a general election. I was hoping that the Republican nominee would be former Pennsylvania senator Rick Santorum but the race is far along now and it doesn’t look good for Santorum and very unlikely he has even a hint of a chance to pull it off. There surely would be a clear distinction between his ideology and Obama’s. Rick Santorum would try leading us into a Theocracy and no matter how you feel about Obama; he’s certainly a better choice than Mr. Santorum.

I do believe though that there is a very clear distinction between the president and Mitt Romney also. Their political stances are different though Mitt Romney’s ideology is questionable; being that he has switched positions so often in the past. The greatest difference is how they relate to the average American. Romney has put his foot in his mouth several times, showing himself out of touch with everyone but those like himself; the wealthy. His own party has had to simply swallow him like a bitter pill because they ended up with nothing better.

President Obama to me comes off as being a real person who has been down the road of trials and tribulations as average people will do. Romney on the other hand, comes off to me as someone who was always protected from hardships and has never known what it’s like to worry about not being able to send his kids to college or if one of them got sick, not be able to afford decent health care for them. I don’t hold his wealth against him but it’s his whole attitude concerning those who protested income inequality in this country. On the Today Show, he commented concerning wealth disparity saying “You know, I think it’s about envy. I think it’s about class warfare,”

I have one thing to say to Mr. Romney; Mitt, it has nothing to do with envy at all but you’re right about one thing, it certainly is about class warfare.

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