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Republican Fantasyland: The RNC’s Vision for the Future

The Republican National Convention is meeting this week to, I suppose, confirm their support for the Republican candidate for president, and set their agenda. Let me point out that the Republican agenda

The Right of the Religious Right: Part 1

Many years ago when I was but eleven years of age, I became a preacher.  As a Pentecostal, I had a very strict belief system, which also affected my sermons. I believed

Democrats Should Support Ending Abortion, Just Not Enforcement

I must tell you; even though I’m a liberal I do not support abortion. I’ll be clear; I don’t support the criminalization of abortion or even for government to get involved with

Angry God: Evangelicals Losing Influence on American Politics

Growing up in a Christian environment and discovering you’re gay at an early age can be a traumatic experience for a young person. Being gay is not a condition that can easily

Pro-Lifers Should Turn Focus On Children Already Born

Reading an article in USA Today by Aamer Madhani called “Global newborn mortality still high” it reminded me of all the suffering that children on the face of this Earth go through

Gay Marriage or Theocracy: What is to Become of America?

A crescendo of anger seems to build within some of us who have strong feelings about the direction of the country and where it is heading. Conservatives are concerned that the country

Evangelicals and the Ministers of Hate

Let’s be clear, most evangelicals are just good Bible-believing people who try to live their lives holy and acceptable before God. When they object to things like abortion and gay marriage, it’s

Hungry Children in America? Not happening says Sean Hannity

Most Americans have never been without food but the number is growing. Many adults go without food often but the real concern here is children doing without food, going to bed hungry

Republican Agenda on Women: Barefoot and Pregnant

The chairman of the Republican National Convention Reince Priebus recently compared women to caterpillars when he was confronted by Al Hunt on Bloomberg TV that polls show a huge margin among women

In a Rick Santorum World: Freedom for a Few

Presidential candidate and former Pennsylvania Senator Rick Santorum loves to talk about freedom, all the while talking about how he’ll restrict freedom if he becomes president. Abortion restrictions, birth control restrictions, gay